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Gender and Development

 Welcome  to Gender  and Development Section! Links

 What is Gender and Development?

Gender and Development (GAD) –  refers to the development perspective and process that is participatory and empowering, equitable, sustainable, free from violence, respectful of human rights, supportive of self- determination and actualization of human potentials. It seeks to achieve gender equality as a fundamental value that should be reflected in development choices and contends that women are active agents of development, not just passive recipients of development. (Philippine Commission on Women)


 Gender and Development Activities (Photo Gallery)

 1st Quarter
  •  Reproduction and Distribution of IEC materials on VAWC
  • Two- Day Conference for GAD Planning and Budgeting (Capacity Development)
  • Women’s Month Celebration
  • Rabies Awareness Month
  • World Tuberculosis Day
2nd Quarter
  • Sports Clinic and other sports activities for youth
  • Administrative Support Service  Human Resource Development Program – “Work- Life Balance Seminar”
  • Organizational Behavior Seminar
  • Buntis Party
  • LGU Benchmarking Activity at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
3rd Quarter
  •  Nutrition Month
  • 1st Seminar on VAWC
  • National Lung Month Celebration
  • Family Planning Celebration
  • Supplemental Feeding Program
  • Seminar on Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
  • Unity Walk – CSC Month
  • Blood Letting Program
 4th Quarter
  •  LGU Team Building Activity
  • Seminar on Health and Responsible Parenthood
  • HIV/AIDS Seminar
  • Blood Letting Program
  • 2nd Seminar on VAWC
  • A Walk to End VAW
  • Annual Celebration of Elderly Week and other activities

Magna Carta of Women 9:00 am 08/22/2018551.7k

RA 7877 9:01 am 08/22/201843.2k

RA 8353 9:01 am 08/22/201846k

RA 9208 9:01 am 08/22/201843.5k

RA 9262 9:01 am 08/22/201847.6k

RA 9710 Final 9:01 am 08/22/2018519k

VAW Flyer 9:01 am 08/22/201892.1k