August 2014

In the name of transparency and good governance, the Municipal Government of Pura through the Executive Department headed by the LCE conducted a Barangay Consultative Meeting. The consultation required the 16 barangays to assemble their constituents from all walks of life to be able to listen to the milestones of the Municipal Government in terms of governance and the LGU services offeredso that they will be able to know what is in store for them. In turn, the LGU officials took note as the people aired their sentiments and aspirations to the Local Government.

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September 2014

In line with Millennium Development Goals (MDG) # 4 which is to reduce child mortality, the Rural Health Unit in cooperation with the Department of Health (DOH) launched the “LigtasTigdas” program that targets the mass immunization of 0-5 years old children in the municipality with anti-polio and anti-measles vaccine.

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